Friday, March 13, 2009

Why do I have to fight Pamela Voorhee's head?

Happy Friday the 13th! Another jewel of a game from those folks at LJN, responsible for putting more children in the psych ward for undo frustration while gaming, and this might actually be even better than their 'Exciting' X-men game.
Who wouldn't want to play the role of camp counselor running hither and yon trying to save children, avoid bats, zombies, and flying decapitated heads of Pamela Voorhees? What gamer didn't want to know the thrill of being locked in a cabin with Jason while he hacked at you with his machete and you had your defend yourself with.
This is one of those NES games that I didn't beat, just couldn't do it. Though as that third picture can be done...but it was accomplished by far better gamers than myself.
Let's take a moment of silence for poor Paul in that second picture, he tried his best to defeat the savage killing machine that is Jason Voorhees and like so many other teenagers he lies broken and lifeless with his rock clutched in his hand.


Dax said...

Jason's mom is named Pamela?

Seems kinda...funny.

Vic Sage said...

What...that he has a mom?