Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Mayans are full of beans.

The world isn't going to end in will be snuffed out in 2084 when the Robotrons throw off their shackles of servitude and wipe out most of humanity. Thankfully there is a mutant superhuman who decides to take matters into his own hands and save the last of the human race.
Eugene Jarvis created Robotron 2084 after he had come up with another classic arcade game, Defender, a game that many investors passed on as it had too many buttons and the players wouldn't be able to handle it. Yeah, right. Along with Pac-Man this arcade legend was considered to be a financial flop and the go to game was going to be Rally-X.
Robotron sported a unique control scheme of its own, two joysticks, one to manage directional course and the other for firing. As a whelp I remember being intimidated by this machine but after placing my first quarter into the slot...I've been hooked on it for life. It sometimes takes a couple of tries but when a Robotron player is really in the groove it is an incredibly impressive show. Nothing every stands still on the screen, robotrons, missles, "brain blasts", and massive Hulks constantly head towards you.
After playing about an hour of this game I am usualy worn out...but satisfied.

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