Thursday, November 26, 2009

400th Post with a bit of sad news.

Hey folks, the Save the Arcade is over and the winner turned out to be Arcade UFO...while I'm glad that an arcade was given $25,000 to survive I wish it had been StarBase. I noticed that Stride Gum is planning having another competition in 2010 and no matter the winner it makes me happy that there are people like me who hold the idea of the arcade as a matter of import, something that shouldn't be swept away by online gaming, I can only hope that I will be able to take my children to a true arcade someday.
From over at the Starbase Arcade site. The above pic is from a fan that tried his darndest to keep it going, I like how Bob has put up this table between a TMNT arcade game.
"The Final Scores are in:
991,512,500 Points Arcade UFO Austin, TX
959,776,300 Points StarBase Arcade San Rafael, CA (San Francisco Area)
151,313,950 Points Star Worlds Arcade DeKalb, IL (Chicago Area)
49,497,345 Points Game Galaxy Nashville, TN
The computer Wizards at UFO managed to conjour a scant 31,736,200 more points than the Centaur Zappers at Starbase! I want to personally thank all of the Arcade supporters that played Zapataur for their favorite arcade! Special thanks go to the Starbase faithful for hanging in there until the very end, and giving UFO the challenge they deserved. It was very touching how many of you called or wrote during the contest to tell me that you had donated more points to the cause. I hope we can keep that sentiment going in the coming months as we continue to attempt to Save Starbase Arcade! Thank You all so much!
'Video' Bob"


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