Monday, November 16, 2009

Hypnos-The Ultimate Enemy!

Okay, this is one of those times when I post something that has nothing to do with games. Those good and hard working lads over at the Lightbulb Detective Agency were able to uncover an vault of pure nostalgia a couple of months back. Filled within it's ancient and forgotten structure lay the Pulsar action figure.

Doing a little 'research' of my own, mostly involving drunken chimps and a room of blind monks, I've uncovered the Ultimate Enemy of Pulsar, Hypnos! You'll definitely need to click the pics and perhaps even use a photo gallery program so you can zoom in to really read it. But it's worth it.

I mean just check out that super-awesome Batman desk lamp. I had that on my Christmas list one year when I was but a whelp. I also had that nifty Batman: Wayne Foundation Penthouse playset on my list. I didn't get either.

Two things popped into my mind while looking at these pages from the Wishbook:

1) Why does it look like Shazam is playing Battleship?
2) That Batman Alarm I the only one that hopes someone can rig it where it'll have Christian Bale's line, "Swear to me!", as the wake-up alarm?

Make sure to check out the previous blog for Nazi dinosaurs. No, really.


Stewed Hamm said...

I'd prefer to have Bale's whole "unprofessional lighting guy" rant waking up the kiddies. Nothing like burgeoning psychological trauma to get the young tykes off to a good start every morning!

Vic Sage said...

Shh, quiet. Christian Bale might be reading this...I don't want him to show up at the Victory Pelly vault and give me a piece of his mind!