Thursday, November 5, 2009

It must be Thursday.

I guess Licensed Tax Consultants feel that people who avoid paying taxes should be hunted down and shot. This little know Atari 2600 title was conceived by Darrell Wagner, a former IRS revenue agent.
You play John Q, though I though Denzel Washington played that part, who must gain a million dollars after taxes by the end of the year. He must collect the dollar signs, avoid the red tape (which is purple), pick up Portfolio's to deposit his money in, and avoid the likes of Eggie the IRS Agent, Waggie with the CPA, and Toodles the Investment Advisor.
You can help John Q earn more money or sometimes lose it by investing in various Tax Sheltered Investments like in the third picture above, Solar Energy. You can also deposit your funds into Oil and Gas Development, Railroad Containers, and finally some good old fashioned Research and Development.
What an odd game. It is incredibly rare to find and the only bit of trivia I could dig up is that it uses the same control schemes as the Atari 2600 title "Porky's".

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