Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"This just got signed by Saxton Hale!"

"I like this Lion's Tobasco!"
That quote above will probably become my catch phrase until I die, dear readers. The items pictured above are from Valve who produce the very awesome game, Team Fortress 2, which you might remember from the vids I posted a month or so ago.

Team Fortress 2 is a first/third person shooter that emphasizes cartoon violence, you don't mind getting killed all that much as you are too busy laughing...unless you keep getting your head exploded by an enemy sniper...that just sucks after the tenth time.

The items above were sent out to fans who sent mail to the fictional weapons manufacturer in the game, some fans noticed one of the weapons catalogs had a real address, they sent a letter and received the Mann Co. envelope and inside two comic covers and a reply letter "This just got signed by Saxton Hale!".

It's nice to see a game company like Valve having fun with their fan base.

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