Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"What the F@#$ have you done lately?"

Though it pains me without measure to pull a quote from the movie Wanted it does kind of sum up the half hour of playing with the God of War 3 demo. A demo that took eight hours to download now that I've had to give up my high-speed internet. It was worth it.

Began an assault on Olympus itself alongside a Titan. Check.
Slew a Centaur and his troops. Check.
Strode above Olympus upon the backs of Harpies. Check.
Slew a Manticore by impaling its head with its own tail. Check.
Fired a ballista that destroyed the fiery chariot of Helios thereby allowing the Titan to crush him in his grip and toss his broken body to the parapets below. Check.
Defeated Helios's personal shield guard by riding atop a Cyclops that knocked them over the edge of the parapets. Check.
Used the head of Helios as a lantern in the darkness of Olympus. Check.
Donned the wings of Icarus to fly through a collapsing tunnel whereby at the end I was confronted by the very Titan I was aiding at the beginning. Check.

That is where the demo ended. Now I just have to try to wait patiently until March to see what lies in store for Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta, the God of War.

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