Monday, November 23, 2009

Georgia on my mind.

As much as I love the awesomeness that is Bioshock...I do not know if I could craft myself a Big Daddy suit or convince my wife to dress as a Little Sister. However, from these pics it would seem that if you have that kind of talent you should go ahead and have your photos taken at the Georiga Aquarium because that is a nice stand-in for the underwater city of Rapture.

I am sure that Andrew Ryan would be most impressed. Would you kindly click on the pics to see them Rapture sized?

If you have not had the privilege to play Bioshock then that last comment made no sense to you. I suggest you avoid the Wiki as it will indeed ruin some of the most wonderful writing for games in some time.

However...please take a moment and enjoy this clip from the beginning of the game, I only wish this player had taken just a bit more time to show the beauty of the art deco around him...

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