Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is that Beast Boy?

The upcoming DC Universe Online is still putting along for release in 2010, unlike the other MMO's this one is available only on the Playstation 3. Slowly, very slowly they've been releasing images of the 'gameplay'.

Last week it was announced that Nightwing and some of the Teen Titans are in the roster and though I cannot find a picture of them, I've read that Adam Strange and the Creeper are being included as well. Which guarantees that I will buy the game.

Bear in mind and I believe I've made a blog on this before, you may not play these characters, you just team-up with them on certain levels. Which is for the best of course.


Dax said...

When did Beast Boy change back to that name instead of Changeling, which is what he was known as when I started reading Teen Titans in the early 80's?

I like Beast Boy better, of course.

Vic Sage said...

Perhaps DC realized the name Changeling had negative connotations? No? You are probably right.