Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Box Art Wednesday.

A little challenge today. All three of these Commodore 64 titles above have something in common with their box art, can you figure out this rather untaxing quandary? The first reader to post the answer in the comments section will get...something...I'm sure I can open up one of the vault doors and secure something worthy of a prize to send to the reader who posts the correct answer.
There Goes The Fear - Doves


Christopher Tupa said...

That first one is adorable! The only C.64 game I remember playing is the Bruce Lee game. Fun stuff!

Vic Sage said...

Dizzy is a pretty great character, Chris. The first game I was able to play with him in it was for the NES actually.

I remember that Bruce Lee game by the way, we had it in a pack of freeware games in High School. :)

CritAnime said...

My dear Sage I think I have the answer. All three feature a rat in the art work.

Also did you know the firebird brand was owned by BT (British Telecommunications).

Vic Sage said...

We have a winner, folks! Good job, Crit. I'll send you a pic of what you've won...and figure out how to get it to you at that. :)

I did NOT know that about Firebird, thank you as always for such information.

Critanime said...

Firebird was a budget brand. But there were some great game in that. And some real stinkers too. What am I getting ;)