Monday, July 5, 2010

Numb Thumb Hall Of Fame.

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Many of you loyal readers have seen my countless posts where I've talked about my longing for the famed and much coveted Activision patches that were offered back in the day for reaching a certain set score, taking a photo of it, and sending it in to await the arrival of said prestigious patch.

I was not aware however that another great game company of the time, Imagic, had their own patch award...not to mention the chance to win t-shirts and jackets. I wish I had because from the scanned magazine page provided by Atari Age above, from the Numb Thumb News back in 1983 I believe I would have been able to secure a Dragonfire patch!

Make sure to check out that last article where Bob Smith is interviewed, he also was the programmer on one of my fave Atari games, Riddle of the Sphinx. Which was way ahead of its time! I wish there was a vast archive for interviews with these programmers of the golden age of video games because I know I cannot be the only gamer who longs for more information on what it was like back in the game making business!

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