Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Box Art.

Jackie Chan. Scrooge McDuck. The Cobra Triangle. What do all of these NES titles have in common you might ask? Back in my youth these titles were readily available to find on the rental shelves. They were what I like to call shelf warmers.

To be fair, Cobra Triangle, was actually popular at the video store that I was working at. It was a racing game of sorts that had you picking up stranded swimmers and blowing away most things that crossed your watery path. The popularity for the title wore off pretty quick though and soon it was rentable for 7 days for a mere couple of bucks. Which didn't happen too often.

Jackie Chan:Action Kung-Fu came in as a shelf warmer and stayed as a shelf warmer. I'll let the all powerful Wiki give the description of the story: "The plot revolves around Jackie Chan with his sister Josephine being supreme kung fu champs, guarding the country against evil until the Prince of Sorcerers, a green-skinned villain with magical powers attacks Jackie and kidnaps his sister. Jackie embarks on an adventure to stop the Prince of Sorcerers and his minions and save his sister." Hey, at least this title received a TurboGrafx-16 port.

DuckTales 2 was a nice little platformer which has Scrooge McDuck searching for the seven pieces of the treasure map of Fergus McDuck, in far flung locations of the world. While the NES version didn't seem to find its audience, because they had moved on perhaps to the SNES and Genesis systems, the Gameboy title of the same name sold over a million units thereby becoming a Player's Choice selection.

Heaven's Devils - Starcraft II Soundtrack

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