Monday, July 12, 2010

On Vaction...Pac-Man Style!

That's right, dear readers! I've left the Victory Pellet Vault location and am as I type this wandering through your backyards and sitting on your porches while you are not at home. I'm pretty easy to find though...I mean I am wearing this giant life-size Pac-Man costume. If you happen to see me in your backyard tonight do me a favor and hand me a cup of tea before you call the cops...this suit is hot, whew!
Country Comfort - Elton John


Dax said...

I didn't think it was a coincidence that as soon as you went on vacation reports of a giant Pac-Man started coming in.

Vic Sage said...

Hey, when you go on vacation you can do what you need to do. Me, I need to run around town dressed as an 80's icon.

By the way, you left your garden hose on last night...not that I was sneaking around your backyard or anything...umm, never mind.

Christopher Tupa said...

Awesome! I usually dress up as Cinderella when I go on vacation but I like your idea better!