Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"They haven't built a circuit that could hold you!"

"Games? You want games? I'll give you games. I'll..."
I've never been subject to digitization but I believe that with how my brain felt last night after completing the 32 levels of Circuit Cycles I may have a better understanding of what it must feel like.

Flynn Lives has started up their excellent viral marketing diversions once again, just in time for the San Diego Comic-Con, and after completing the fun but mentally grueling game I was led to a new site: www.flynnlives.com/identityraid/

Which now tells us as I type this that we have 1 day, 18 hours, and 37 minutes until...something...probably the new Tron: Legacy trailer but the countdown ends exactly at the same time as the Comic-Con panel begins so let's hope they do something incredible and let we fans that are unable to attend see what is going down.

If you feel the need to give Circuit Cycles a go for yourself then head over to: http://encomgames.jp/circuitcycles/

If you get a second make sure to head over to the Retroist site and take a look at all of the game reviews posted there along with a ton of other great retro related goodness, join the forums and join the fun.


Sea Of Simulation - Tron (Wendy Carlos)


du8 said...

I can't wait for this movie!

Vic Sage said...

Neither can I, lad, neither can I. :)