Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Flyers.

We are heading all the way back to 1974 for this Friday Flyers, thanks as always to the Arcade Flyer Archive.

Challenge was released by the Micro manufacturer in another form, a table top, that was round with a glass panel over the monitor. It is basically a clone of pong or as the genre is entitled Ball and Paddle.

I couldn't find anything on Ramtex's Baseball unfortunately but the monitor graphics pictured in the flyer looks pretty good for 1974!

Formula K was a clone of Atari's Gran Trak 10 with the addition of a lap time, a diode that glowed counting the lap times. I like how the flyer proudly advertises the oil spill on the track.

I believe I've played the Formula K game at a local fair in my youth, just a tent with a few arcade games, and various types of test your strength and love meter games. This is the same tent where I played for the only time the Death Race game...surprised with the media attention on that particular game that the fair didn't have to run for their lives from a mob with pitchforks and torches.

Superhero Squad - Parry Gripp

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