Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Box Art Wednesday.

Another Box Art Wednesday and we have a collection of NES titles that I've in the past like to classify as shelf warmers from back in the days when I worked at a local video store. The NES titles that you could always no matter if it was Christmas break find in the exact same spot on the shelf.

Bee 52 was developed by Code Masters and released by Camerica in 1992. You take on the role of Bee #52 in this flying side scrolling as you navigate the obstacles that come your way, you can also fire straight ahead with the A button and with the B button you will sting the enemies below you. Check out the video below thanks to!

Is Best of the Best: Championship Karate based off the 1989 movie starring James Earl Jones, Eric Roberts, Chris Penn, and Sally Kirkland? I'm not sure but the game came out in 1992 so I guess it could possibly be meant to ride the coattails of that popular VHS tape back in the day. Of course the title's original name was Panza Kick maybe not. comes to our rescue again with the video below!

Finally we have Crystal Mines, developed by Color Dreams in 1989. I've mentioned before that since Color Dreams didn't offer officially licensed NES games they had to reverse engineer the machine to get past it's "lock out" chip. I've never played this title though I do like the box art with the robot and the Earth Golem looking very much like it has just been woken up with the mining machine on its back. Once more let us all give a big thanks to for the video posted below!


Christopher Tupa said...

B52 art looks pretty does the others. Crystal Mines looks and sounds like a SyFy movie waiting to happen- awesome!

Vic Sage said...

It reminds in a weird sort of way of the VHS cover for Explorers, Tupa. :)