Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Supercade!

Do you like Zork? Do you like stained glass art? Then I have the very thing for your, dear reader! Thanks to for the borrowed photo up above. I can see how this all came to be:

You are standing in your living room. To the North is a fireplace. To the East is the door you just entered from. It is think you hear a Grue. What do you do?

>Turn on light.

Which light?

>Turn on Zork light.

You flip the switch on the back of the Zork stained glass, the Grue that was lurking behind you with its hideous maw stretched wide shrieks and trips over your sofa as it scrambles down to the basement of your home. Congratulations you have earned 20 points out of 100 for this Saturday Supercade.

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