Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Go And Save The City!

A little late to the party on this announcement but the Konami arcade classic X-Men after 18 years is finally coming to home consoles on X-Box Live and the Playstation Network! A big thank to Pixel Enemy for the above video. No pricing or release date info has been given at this time...but I'll gladly take the Dazzler slot for online play!


Drake Sigar said...

Awesome! This and Captain America & the Avengers were great side-scrolling arcade beat-em-ups. As usual, I must dilute this good news with moaning though. Why are we still waiting for wrestling games? WWF Wrestlefest anyone? :P

Vic Sage said...

Hey, remember, we are still waiting for Captain America & the Avengers too. I'm wondering if the Wrestlefest title isn't wrapped up in each wrestler's agent or estate?