Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Say Hello To Captain America!

Based on the upcoming Joe Johnston big screen Captain America: The First Avenger comes its prequel game developed by Sega and Next Level Games, Captain America: Super Soldier. What little we know thanks to Kotaku is that the good Captain is infiltrating Hydra's Castle during WW 2 (You can see some Hydra banners in that second pic from the top) and supposedly there is some artwork that shows Arnim Zola as he appears in the title.

Much like most of the gaming public I am hesitant though to get to excited as the last Sega Marvel game, Iron Man 2, was practically unplayable it was so bad. Now I must say I actually enjoyed their fist Iron Man title and the Incredible Hulk game they produced...which puts me in a minority.

Still, I do like what I'm seeing graphics wise in the above photos from Kotaku!


Vinvectrex said...

The textures and shading are amazing. Still, good superhero tie-ins are few, and decent superhero movie tie-ins are even fewer. But, Batman Arkham Asylum has shown that it is possible to make a great superhero game. Let's hope Sega learned from that title.

Vic Sage said...

Well said, Vinvectrex! At least from these screenshots we can see that it looks better than Iron Man's latest video game offering. :)