Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Flyers?

Click the pics to make 1986 sized!
Those darn Radium Chimps accidentally locked me in the decontaminate chamber the other day thereby causing me to miss a Friday Flyers post! Luckily my good robotic friend, Tupa01, heard my cries of protest and has set me free. So let us make up some lost time shall we?

I haven't been able to really find any information about Express Raiders but thanks to Youtube we can watch a few minutes of gameplay...hit the coyote for points!

Empire City 1931 appears to be a first person shooter using an 8-way joystick. Thanks again to Youtube we can see some of the arcade action, not to mention how sorry we feel to see whomever is playing this shoot that innocent lady.

Darwin 4078 was released into the arcades by Data East and was a vertical shooting/spaceship game much like Xevious. There is an interesting use of Darwin's law as your ship which looks like a tiny microscopic organism may transform up to 10 ten times with varying weapons and defense capabilities. Once again we go to the all powerful YouTube for some footage of the gameplay!

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CritAnime said...

A good shooter to look out for is dangun feveron. It's an arcade game but really well done and plays incredibly well.