Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Flyers.

Click the pics to make 1998 size!
I never had the chance to play the Lost in Space pinball game but I sure wish I could have because the flyer makes it look like it was a nice little table. Check out some of the awesome table action thanks to YouTube and the Pinball Wizard!

Now of CarnEvil I can proudly say that I have beaten it, not in an arcade but at a local gas station...on a Halloween night dressed as Ash from the Evil Dead series. I loved this game so much but it sure ate the quarters. Check out the incredibly awesome opening from YouTube!

I'm not quite sure just how much money I've spent playing Monster Bash, I'd probably be too afraid to know the real answer but for many years it was at a local amusement center and I would stop off after work in the afternoon and plug in at least five dollars worth of tokens! Check out this table review by dadofducks from over at YouTube.


Drake Sigar said...

32 credits max?! Too rich for my blood. :P

Vic Sage said...

At least $16 would guarantee that you could beat the game. :)