Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Flyers Break...For Tron Legacy!

Tron Night 2010. Was it worth a combined driving time of 7 hours to see 30-35 minutes of scenes from the upcoming movie? I believe my friend Bit from the original Tron says it best, "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes."

I've included this little 55 second clip by way of ComingSoon.Net just to wet your whistle without really giving anything away. I will say my head was spinning after watching the preview last night, wanting to talk about every little thing that made my synapses explode in utter geek happiness. The film seems to be far more dramatic than it's predecessor. There is a dark tale I believe we will all enjoy when we get to see the full feature on December 17th.

Let us hope, dear readers, that this will not turn into another Scott Pilgrim incident where the fan base just doesn't show to support the film. Let's hope that Disney has a blockbuster on their hands and we shall get to see more of Sam Flynn and his adventures on the Grid.


Drake Sigar said...

Yes it’ll be a huge disappointment if geeks don’t turn up in innumerable droves for this one. If we don’t start showing some proper support for these types of movies, they may disappear altogether.

Atari Adventure Square said...

I've seen the latest trailer a few times on the big screen, lately, and every time the audience reacted favorably.
I'm betting the release's fantasy allure will be enticing fare for the holiday masses.

Vinvectrex said...

Looks great to me. I'm often turned off by an abundance of CGI, but the look and feel of this movie just seems right. I can't wait!