Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Enemies...who were once our brothers."

I hate to bump the Flash Gordon post earlier today but I must. Wow! I thought the first trailer was awesome for the new Transformers game but here is the full two minute expanded version. I can say without a doubt this is a Transformers game that I've waited a very long time to play. This is going to be epic!

Update: I have to say I LOVE the scene where Ratchet goes to work repairing his fellow Autobot. Awesome!


Dax said...

Where's Seaspray, man?

Vic Sage said...

I think he was the Autobot manning the cannon, the one that Starscream blew up. Just kidding.

Though I think Ironhide is the reddish robot standing next to Bumblebee that gets hit. If I remember correctly he is one of the characters you can play so...I bet he just shook it off.