Saturday, January 9, 2010

Still some Saturday Supercade.

I can tell you dear readers that when I my mining operations are complete and I've struck the motherload of Opal that I dream of...the Victory Vault will be decked out in these fascinating hand-crafted designs by Punzie!
Because how much price can you put on a good nights sleep? I would slumber easier knowing that a Metroid was keeping my Hobbit feet warm.


Dax said...

I think that Metroid blanket would drive me crazy, bringing back memories of me desperately trying to get to Mother Brain over and over again (before I realized that the combo of ice beam and missles was what you needed to beat a Metroid).

Vic Sage said...

It's okay, Dax, it's okay. Those days are gone let me put this blanket on you. Mwa, ha, ha!