Thursday, January 28, 2010

Now for a very special guest. The Retroist.

Today we here at the Victory Pellet Vault are extremely honored to have the one and only Retroist as a guest to answer a few questions for us. If you remotely enjoy anything from our site I urge you to rush to this talented Archaeologist of the Retro to see how he and his team make every day a joyful walk down memory lane.

Now on with the show!

1) What led you to don the online mantle of The Retroist?

I had been blogging for many years. Writing about all sorts of stuff, but I was always happiest talking about nostalgia. I had 4 blogs going at one point, all doing "OK", and one night I just was done with them all. I just wanted to write about slightly old stuff. That weekend I started The Retroist.

2) How long has the Retroist site been in operation?
I have owned the site for a few years, but I only started posting as regular as I have for a little less then a year. It has been a remarkable few months.

3) Much like Buckaroo Banzai you have gathered your own group of Honk Kong Cavaliers about you with the likes of Peachy, Kill Screen 256, MetaGirl, Baboone, and Mr. Colt Thunderstrike a.k.a. the very talented artist Christopher did you end up meeting these individuals?

We all met in a South American POW camp. All had been captured on a mission for our respective governments. We promptly escaped and decided nostalgia blogging was a better outlet for our energies.
I actually met them all online. Someone like Jonathan, I have know for years, but the others have just reached out to start talking and we hit it off. Usually I get about 3-5 emails per week from people who say they are serious about helping out on the site. So you try and get them started and enjoy their enthusiasm. Sadly 99% of them will not be able to keep it up. They all come to you with the best intentions, but lives are complicated. Some advice, If you are blogger and accept volunteers, try not to become a pessimist.

4) Your website,, deals with the memories of music, movies, gaming, and toys from the 50's and there a particular era that you enjoy the most in regards to its products?

In regards to toys, I grew up with a lot of 80s products, so they are near and dear to my heart. But you cannot beat the 1960s and 1970s for pure kid injuring "what were they thinking" toys.

5) What was your first electronic gaming memory?

Home console...The memory is specific, it was playing the Coleco Telstar with my sisters on a dying B&W TV after school.

6) Favorite Arcade game?

Mr. Do! has always taken most of my money. So if I added a cabinet to my collection, that would be the one.

7) Favorite home video game console?

Atari 2600. The one that I played the most and appreciated the longest.

8) Least favorite video game of all time whether arcade or home console?

Least favorite is hard, but I guess it should have to be one that everyone else seems to love but I do not "get". Since I do not need to explain myself, I will say the very non-retro "Halo".

9) Is there a console you wanted as a kid that you still haven't obtained, a Holy Grail so to speak?

I have always wanted a working Vextrex. I have played on them several times and they are a remarkable piece of technology with well made arcade quality games.

10) This last question has nothing to do with video games but in my youth I was always attracted to the movies and therefore anything that would let me show a cartoon of sorts on the walls of my bedroom I would have to have. I still have my Fisher-Price Movie Viewer Theatre as well as the Snoopy Drive-In. Which by the way would also work with the Kenner Star Wars Viewer carts.

However the one item I wanted I never received because my father refused to purchase a "slide projector" toy for Christmas. Retroist, were you one of those lucky kids that received the Kenner Star Wars Give-A-Show Projector?

Nice reference. Sadly I was not one of those lucky kids. Back in the Star Wars days for holidays and birthdays I would get 1 large items usually a vehicle and 2 action figures. Choosing between the Millennium Falcon and the projector was a no-brainer for me. But I lived a few blocks from a kid who had EVERY Star Wars toy they put out and he would show his Projector off to the rest of us ALL THE TIME. Naturally we all resented him. I kept thinking, "You have literally every other item on the SW checklist, now you can get a Star Wars Slide Projector??"

Your Dad did you a favor by making it so every kid did not resent your good fortune.


Dax said...

I never had the SW slide projector either. But yeah, the years I got the Falcon and AT-AT for Christmas pretty much made up for that, and then some.

Anonymous said...

I got the Death Star playset, Vader's TIE fighter and the radio controlled landspeeder for xmas in 1978. It was grand.

No kids around to be resented though. Was out in the middle of "the county."

By 1982, though, I had every G.I. Joe figure (I'm lying -- I was missing the Cobra Officer) which must have caused some degree of resentment as the neighbor kid busted into our house and swiped my Joes to play with them while my parents and I were at church. We got 'em back tho. Then they got stolen again in 1990 -- lost 'em for good that time.

Vic Sage said...

Those people responsible for that act of theft...they have a special play in Hell for them. Yep.