Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Just a man..."

Flash Gordon was released in 1986 by Masteronic for the Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, and the Commodore 64. Though I've had a tough time I was able to locate a description of the game by way of World of Spectrum that fills in what we need to know of the game play. To be honest I never even knew there was a Flash Gordon game...besides pinball.

"Deposited in a dangerous jungle world pierced by pathways, Flash has 24 hours to complete his mission. Along the winding tree-lined routes he runs, jumps, and ducks to avoid poisonous spiders, rock throwing gorillas and spear-slinging skeletons. Should Flash fall foul of the fings in the foliage, he loses valuable time.
A map onscreen shows the jungle with identifiable features such as lakes, mountains, and a river. Arrows along the path point toward the Caves of Barin, where Flash can find invaluable help.
For protection Flash carries a gun, and can collect extra ammunition from scattered pathside chests. Some dangers need to be blasted several times before they're destroyed-but not all the advancing beasties in this flick-screen world need to be shot. Some can be avoided with a bit of dexterous ducking and diving.
Once Flash has forced his way through the jungle's thickness, he meets Barin, owner of the cave, in combat, and uses a combination of violent skills - fly kicks and punches to the head and body. He has four minutes to win.
Should Barin succumb to Flash's violent charms, Flash becomes a biker with a powerful machine. Dismissing wardens and traffic cops, he vrooooooooms off in search of Ming. But his progress is hindered by flying guards, who must be overcome by using the bike's aimable blaster before Flash can reach maximum speed.
Exacerbation awaits: robot guards dropping explosive devices and, beyond them, a minefield. Both deplete Flash's energy levels, which can be restored if Flash passes through power gates (Their direction is indicated at the top of the bike's control panel).
Beyond these perils is the jet biking Ming. The missile system on Flash's bike can take out this personification of evil, once he's within range. But any inaccuracy or delay provides Ming with the opportunity to attack in a particularly efficient manner..."

Yeah, I just typed that whole review. Below I've also included a 'critical' review of the game from the same site which should let you know how this game performed.

" 'Flash, I love you, but you only have 24 hours to save the Earth,' Flash Gordon's sweetheart once said. I doubt he'd bother trying if it meant having to play this difficult and ultimately boring game. The graphics are small, and though they're quite well-defined they appear somehow cluttered, especially on the opening jungle scene. Flash himself looks rather like a deep-sea diver - and, come to think of it, moves rather like one as well. You may get some enjoyment out of Flash Gordon if you like this type of game, but I doubt it."

Not exactly a glowing review of the game, eh? However I personally dig those Alex Raymond type graphics on the first two pics up above.

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