Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Supercade Break for Edgar Wright!

Another of those times that rears its head like an impatient beast from the swampy muck in search of its next victim. This has nothing to do with video games but all to do with two very wonderful bits of cinema.

Brian Depalma's Phantom of the Paradise and the wonderfully funny and very talented Edgar Wright commenting on the original trailer. Follow the link below for much enjoyment. As a side note I have to add I saw the Phantom at the 62 Drive-In Theatre back in the day...and had my fist cinematic crush with the main actress of the movie, Jessica Harper. How could a young Vic Sage not just love this movie, look at that poster above for goodness sake!

Last side note before I let you get to the Trailer link, when I was an employee at F.Y.E. I had a guest bring up the soundtrack for this film...something I had longed for but hadn't realized actually existed, I offered her $40 on the spot and to her credit she didn't take it as the last time she was able to hear this was on LP.

I learned that night that F.Y.E. had a policy of buying out music shops and sending boxes full of various bargain CD's all over the country with no real rhyme or reason. We happened to get a box in that week with two of the soundtracks so my despair over not obtaining the absolutely wonderful Paul Williams score was shortlived.


Dax said...

That was great. I also liked Wright's comments about the Black Hole trailer, and how bizarre it was that Disney's answer to Star Wars was a movie with Ernest Borgnine and Anthony Perkins that ended in Hell.

Vic Sage said...

Or the fact that Wright admitted to owning Borgning and Perkings as action figures. I think the one thing he should have mentioned though is just how...threatening...the trailer is. I mean that announcer is going for the horror trailer voice. Ha, ha.