Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Will Turnbow did it right.

Well of course, Will did it right, you can see from that to picture he was a member of the Nintendo Fan Club!

It seems that during 1987 in 7th grade, young Will Turnbow decided that he needed an arcade machine of his own. One that would play his Nintendo game collection. His parents rewarded him with a 19" color television for being student of the month, Will decided to design and build an arcade cabinet to house his Nintendo and television. Thanks to his 7th grade wood workshop he was able to get a leg up on its construction.

During 7th grade all I was worried about was if I was going to get caught hosting a Marvel Superheroes role-playing game and expelled since it was a TSR product.

Two months of hard work and $200 later, Will, had the finished product you see in the second picture. Young master Turnbow had to sell his Nintendo games once he went to college but his parents held onto the arcade cabinet and it is now back in his home...and with the aid of E*bay he has reacquired his collection and added some Star Wars figures.

Now of course Will had a bit of help from his parents and Grandmother in the construction of that arcade cabinet, for example his mother painted the Howard and Nester portraits at the bottom of the cupholders as well as Link, Samus, and Mario on the marquee glass. His Grandmother made the red pad to separate the two NES advantages and his father who made a living at a sign shop painted the Nintendo logo at the top of the marquee.

But considering the plans for it and it's actual wood construction came from a 7th grader I think everyone here at the vault and surely the readers will stand up and applaud Will.


The Retroist said...

What a great story. Amazing skill for a 7th grader. I wish I had those wood working skills now.

Vic Sage said...

Thank you for the compliment, Retroist. Might I say that I am in awe of your site, visiting it yesterday I felt like I had come home., and I really loved your podcast on Saturday Supercade! :)

For any readers that want a site that is dedicated to the loving of pop culture and done right I beg you to visit www.Retroist.com, you will not be disappointed.

Amelyn said...

I remember visiting is webpage a couple of years ago. I wish I was that skilled in woodworking.

Manual do Arcade said...

Seeing this publication was excited to create something. Very good and practical . And the family entered the atmosphere . Beautiful. Speechless.