Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some more Saturday Supercade!

Continuing in the subject of beverage containers we jump to the Pac-Man family's super powered protector, Super Pac-Man.


' With a chomp of the super dot, mild mannered Pac-man becomes Super Pac-Man.

Ten times normal size, he fights a never ending battle to eat the rows of fruit and objects and destroy enemy monsters. '

The joy I had in those days of finding anything that was arcade game related cannot really be expressed properly. Just imagine a young Vic traipsing through his local Food 4 Less and spying a Donkey Kong coloring book and jumping up and down in the aisle. True story. I am pretty sure my father agreed to buy it just to get out of the place and avoid any further embarrassment from his son...Until the Victory Pellet blog was created that is.

A big thank you to tOkKa on Flickr for all of these 'borrowed' photos that he uploaded. There are quite a few more that I will post further in the day.

By the way, the high-score holder for Super Pac-Man is Les Martin with a point total of 7,271,080 which was verified by referee on May 29th, 2009.

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