Tuesday, September 7, 2010

8-Bit Lego.

Check out this awesome art by the folks over at Level Select, made entirely out of Legos. I've stated before how much I enjoy Legos and how gobsmacked I get by those who can craft such artwork out of those tiny bricks like you see above.

Head over to the Level Select site and make sure to look at the Metroid 'diorama' because as Jay Garrick says, you need only look at that creation to realize we need a Metroid line of Lego sets. Hm, I wonder if Jay knows he has the same name as the Golden Age Flash from DC Comics?


Readers...I'm thinking about doing something with the site, going to take a couple of days to think on it...but there might be a big change coming up on its way.

Chain Of Fools - The Commitments (The Commitments Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Christopher Tupa said...

Great stuff! Want to bust out my LEGOS!

A new site design? Can't wait to see what you do with it

Vic Sage said...

Chris, if you happen to create something with your own Legos please send me a pic and I'll post it! :)

Christopher Tupa said...

I may have to do that...I play with LEGOS with my daughter, maybe next time I'll buckle down and make something better than "square house" and "square car"