Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Box Art Wednesday.

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I'm not sure but I believe that someday I might have to hunt down a copy of Mangia' and give it a shot because a game where the point is to eat as much of your mother's spaghetti sounds like a blast. I assume that you'll try to feed the animals when your mother is looking the other way, unfortunately I was unable to find an instruction manual for this game so if you happen to have it in your collection please do not hesitate to give us a yell.

In my youth you couldn't get any more awesome than being the man known as Pele and even though I am not a sports fan I wanted to pick up the Pele's Soccer cartridge. I mean this is the guy that not only hung out with Sylvester Stallone and Michael Caine but kept getting me to drink some Tang every morning...or sometimes I'd just the eat it out of the carton...but I was a strange child.

The only thing I could really find about Avalon Hill's 2600 title Out of Control is that it is rare. A cartridge will fetch you up to $559.00, so says various websites, though if this can be trusted I cannot say.


CritAnime said...

The ship on the Out of Controll box looks like and early Silver Hawk from the Darius games.

Mangia looks a rather odd little game but it is a 2600 game. So anything pretty much went on that system. After all they shat out ET on the system.

Vic Sage said...

I've just noticed that the back of the Mangia' box says the Spectravision Quickshot deluxe joystick is recommended. How fast did your reflexes have to be to eat spaghetti? Ha, ha.

CritAnime said...

I have one of them laying around somewhere. I think I got it with a C64 i got a while back. Might have to dig it out and see if it's any better than my six button Mega Drive (Genesis) pad.