Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Supercade!

I apologize about the scanned image of the newest Game Informer magazine, the scanner here at the Victory Vault is having some problems at the moment, but hopefully it is clear enough after clicking to Embiggen to see why I was so excited. A Saturday Evening post inspired "steamtech" man with a bowler hat? Awesome!

Apparently Game Informer released two other covers in collaboration with Irrational Games to celebrate the upcoming release of Bioshock Infinite. Expect more posts about this title, friends, as we leave the decayed underwater city of Rapture circa 1959 behind to take to the skies for the 1915 styled floating city/fortress of Columbia! I've included the announcement trailer below...and while I have no fear of water I do have a very real fear of flying and this game will probably do a number on me.


Drake Sigar said...

Perhaps we can expect a Call of Cthulhu style sanity system where vision blurs and walking gets wobbly if you look down.

Vic Sage said...

If your character doesn't experience that I can assure you that I will be while playing. ;)