Monday, September 27, 2010

The Robot Revolution Is In For A Surprise!

Thanks to Gizmodo for the update today on the XOS 2 that you see pictured above with its human user playing a bit of soccer. The video below shows some very awesome footage of the XOS 2 in action with actor Clark Gregg (Iron Man & Iron Man 2) taking the suit for a 'spin'.

This will certainly give us meatbags a leg up when the robot revolution kicks into high gear in 2023 but Clark should really keep an eye out for the unit behind him around the 2:33 mark...because it looks like it's getting angry at what Gregg is saying. The Raytheon Company definitely has some amazing looking things on the horizon...and I can only hope that I will get to wear one of the suits before I die.

Dead Rising 2 comes out at midnight by the way so expect a report on some zombie killing tomorrow!


Drake Sigar said...

Why is he punching through a thin wooden slab? He should show us something that a human can’t do, punch through concrete blocks or something. Dance monkey, dance!

Vinvectrex said...

Wow - just like in Aliens. The future is really here.

Vic Sage said...

Drake, maybe the wood was reinforced with adamantium sheets?

I agree with you completely, Vinvectrex, that is one of the first things I thought upon seeing some of those illustrations. :)