Monday, September 20, 2010

New Donkey Kong Record!

The Donkey Kong world record has been broken yet again, the third time this year, and it's title is now held once more by Steve Wiebe! Billy Mitchell's previous record breaking score was done the same day as his induction to the International Video Game Hall of Fame on August 7th of this year, Billy score a whopping 1,062,800. Steve has pulled off 1,064, 500 as his record breaking score!

I know I am a little biased here but I'm thinking that Steve needs to be inducted next year, am I right?

All of us here at the Victory Pellet Vault give you both a mighty salute, keep up the awesome gaming! A big thanks to NintendoLife for the above photo and story.


du8 said...


Vic Sage said...

du8, did you ever get a chance to catch the King of Kong documentary?

du8 said...

yep!...we loved it...My wife and I really grew to dislike Mr. Mitchell..