Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some More Saturday Supercade!

There are some that have claimed that I post far too many things concerning Tron on this site...those are the same people that I now have in chains and are tasked the dubious honor of feeding my Radium Chimps!

Up top we have some wonderful digital Lego Tron artwork from Gil P.'s site: You know it has to be good, it has my favorite Micronauts name in the web address!

Then we have Chad Mealey a.k.a Lego Tron with his skillful Tron recreations with those wonderful Lego bricks. Of course with a name like Lego Tron you would expect this., right?


Drake Sigar said...

“You can never have enough Tron.” - Abraham Lincoln

*Shifty eyes*

Christopher Tupa said...

That Tron LEGO figure rocks!!!

Vic Sage said...

Drake, I was pretty sure I heard old Abe say that in a scratchy gramophone recording...I thought it was just me. ;)

Chris, I agree. I only hope that we actually get something like this...I think we might actually need it to be honest. :)

du8 said...

brain ka-sploded..

Anonymous said...

I agree, one can never have enough Tron.
Plus why has there not been an official Tron Lego set yet? To me it seems like a perfect match.