Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Box Art Wednesday.

Click the pics to make Commodore 64 sized!
I was lucky enough thanks to school associates to have many cracked copies of C-64 games in Junior High, but I never had the pleasure of playing any of the three games presented today.

At least the all powerful Wiki can give us some information on the 221 B Baker Street title:

"Up to four players compete against each other to solve various mysteries in and around Victorian London. Each player can assume the role of one of four characters from the Sherlock Holmes books—Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Irene Adler or Inspector Lestrade -- and can select from 30 different adventures. Case file for each mystery are provided in the manual and give the particulars of the case, including key clues and suspects.

To solve the case, players roll dice to move among 15 different locales throughout London, collecting the clues necessary to unravel the mystery. Each player also visits Scotland Yard to collect a badge, which allows him to "lock" a particular location on the map, making access to it by the other players more difficult. Once a player believes he has solved the case, he returns to Baker Street where he must successfully answer a quiz. Play ends when a player successfully passes the quiz."

With Badlands I didn't find any information but thanks to Youtube I found the video below:

Reminds me a little of the SNES version of Rock N' Roll Racing.

Lancelot was a text based adventure game that also had some limited graphics depending on what system you played it on. I found one review of it on the Lemon Amiga site that states :

"An interesting text-adventure based around the Lancelot legends. A complicated parser and some obscure puzzles made it quite fun. Also had two parts - the early years of Lancelot's adventuring, and the later Grail quest."

Just a quick plug but since you obviously enjoy blogs about gaming, pop on over to the Retroist site and make sure to take a gander at the games section at They have a wonderful selection of games that have been reviewed and they were kind enough to even let me post a few. Give it a look'll be glad you did I bet. :)


vinvectrex said...

I've always wanted to play 221B Baker Street. With the new(ish) Commodore 64 app for the iPhone and iPad, they've been introducing some retro gaming classics. I hope this one makes their list of offerings.

Vic Sage said...

Vin, if you do happen to get this, please post it on the Retroist forums or something. I think it is a very odd choice though for Irene Adler to be a playable 'character', know what I mean? :)