Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Atari 2600 Surprise!

No, you haven't skipped ahead a day and arrived on Box Art Wednesday, dear reader. As I stated yesterday I had planned on reviewing Dead Rising 2 after I picked it up at my local Gamestop at midnight. However that was not to be. I arrived at the store to pick up my collector's edition to learn that they were delayed and wouldn't arrive until this afternoon. I did get my copy today though so perhaps I'll write up a quick review for a bonus Box Art Wednesday post.

What you see posted above, rather crookedly, thanks to the scanner here at the vault are Atari 2600 titles I purchased today at my local Vintage Stock...still in box and miraculously still containing their instruction manuals. Good friend and loyal reader, Jon B., spotted these as they came into the store and was kind enough to send me an e-mail.

Jon, we here at the Victory Pellet Vault salute you! Expect one of my best Radium Chimps as a present...just keep it away from small children and pregnant women.


Vinvectrex said...

Nice finds! I always liked the box art for the 2600's Space Invaders more than I liked the game. The giant ship seems to have a whole city inside - and I felt that there could be an interesting story related to that. More interesting than the game itself.

Vic Sage said...

Thanks, Vin! Not bad additions to the collection for $2 a pop. I posted this over on CritAnime's site but the guy who brought those in was also trying to sell a Magnavox Odyssey but it didn't work so they of course didn't purchase it.

As for the artwork on the box I've always wondered why they never made a story book record out of that! :)