Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Box Art Wednesday.

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Boy howdy, is it just me or does Exoset Missile look like Jim Steranko decided one morning to make the greatest cover for a Trapper Keeper ever?

I've not had the pleasure of playing either of these three games, though I have heard of Communist Mutants From Space, the other two titles strike me as being available in the $4.99 bin at your local grocery store back in the Atari 2600's glory days.

Communist Mutants From Space debuted in 1982 by Starpath (Arcadia) and deals with aliens from the planet Rooskee invading peaceful, democratic planets, and bending them to the will of their Mother evil alien that has gone mad due to irradiated vodka. Ah...the 80's.

CMFS also contained an Easter Egg by its programmer, Steven H. Landrum, that when you held in the fire button and turned the power switch on at the same time you would see the hi in high score would be replaced with SHL.

Thanks as always to Atari Age for the box scans posted above!

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du8 said...

communist mutants from space...amazing..I don't you could ever get away with a title like that now...

Vic Sage said...

We children of the 80's lived in glorious times, du8, glorious times.