Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Box Art Wednesday.

For today's Box Art Wednesday we are focusing on three games that I've been enjoying on X-Box Live's Arcade. Two of these titles have been reviewed by myself last year...but I'm on low output today so I'll beg you to indulge my laziness for this post.
I've held no secret of my admiration for Dan Kitchen and Steve Cartwright and their amazing work with Activision back in the glory days of the Atari 2600, you can play any of these three titles presented today and find yourself challenged as much as any recent release on the store shelf.
Steve Cartwright (MegaMania, Seaquest, Plaque Attack) programmed both Frostbite and Barnstorming for Activision in 1983. Frostbite has you donning the fur lined shoes of Frostbite Bailey as he attempts to cross ice flows, avoiding various animals that are bent on pushing him into the frigid waters, each successful jump adds one block to his Igloo and he needs to move fast as the temperature is quickly falling.

Barnstorming puts you in the pilot seat of a Biplane as you navigate obstacles in a bid to reach the finish line with the lowest time possible. You must contend with geese, windmills, and flying through a set number of open barn doors.
Crackpots was programmed by Dan Kitchen in 1983 (Ghostbusters) and has you aiding Potsy the rooftop gardener as defends his building from an invading swarm of insects that are dead set on eating the entire building. By dropping potted petunias on the creepy crawlies he is spared watching the insects eating his home one level at a time.
If you find yourself on X-Box Live, look me up in the Arcade, my gamertag is Unicron2005! Thanks as always to Atari Age for the great signed box art pics posted above.
The Girl At The Videogame Store - Parry Gripp


CritAnime said...

I have a boxed barnstorming and frostbite in my collection. I love the boxart on them although I am pretty sure there were two versions of the boxart on frostbite.

Another good activision box was keystone capers. Love that box, and obviously the game, as it's instant nostalgia of playing this on my grandparents coleco with the expansion module.

Vic Sage said...

Yeah, you are quite right about Keystone Kapers. Absolutely one of the best games...well, period. :)

I couldn't find anything Crit about another version of the box but I did see a different cartridge, looked like it might be a 5200 version. So there very well could have been a different box.

Critanime said...

It's me. I was sure I had seen another box for Frostbite but I must have imagined it :(