Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Supercade!

Just the one post this Saturday Supercade...enjoying the very last minutes of my vacation...but the above picture, which you need to click to really Embiggen, is pardon the pun Mega Awesome!
Marvel Characters transformed into 8-bit Mega Man versions of themselves. There is just so much to enjoy about the artwork above but I believe my two favorite characters that I would have given a Power Pellet to actually play are Doctor Strange and Machine Man. Now that would be an epic Marvel Two-In-One comic, eh? I do wish the Sentry hadn't been included though.
A big thanks to Suzuran from DeviantArt for the above picture as well as to Kotaku for giving me the heads up!
Update-For a better look at it go to and click the pic:
Bring The Hammer Down - Hammerfall

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