Monday, August 2, 2010

Care Package From San Diego.

On Saturday after getting back from the harrowing experiences of the day I found a package waiting for me at the door. I hastily opened the package to find the contents pictured above. A Tron coin purse and seven Flynn's arcade tokens. Click on the picture to make Embiggen.
As you dear readers already know, I'm a huge Tron fan, unashamedly, and the matter is the only time in my life as of yet that I engaged in an honor duel in the streets of Madrid. Obviously I won.
These coins are going in a frame along with those Encom postcards from a few weeks back. So a big thanks to those crazy kids who are in charge of the viral marketing for Tron: Legacy because they are doing a fantastic job.
March On - Devo


Atari Adventure Square said...

Huzzah and congrats!
This answers my query I posted on the Retroist forum earlier today.

Hope it's not too late for me to try to get those postcards.

Christopher Tupa said...

Wow! Those are so awesome!

Vic Sage said...

Atari Adventure Square, you should still be able to get those postcards...if you can survive that Light Cycles game. ;)

Thanks, Tupa. I agree and yet again I cannot stress just how amazed I am by what those Tron: Legacy ARG designers are coming up with!