Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Flyers.

Click the pics to Embiggen 1985 size!
Sorry for the late post today but the reason why will be made clear in another post later this evening. All is good, no tragedy or anything like that to be worried about. We have a new employee here at the Victory Vault and my hands were full trying teach him all the security codes, etc.

Look at what we have today! Bogey Manor...who wants potential buyers to know that it has a theme similar to Ghost Busters! Yes, you can tell that this game hit the arcade in 1985. I found a Youtube video of its gameplay...looks interesting to me.

That flyer for Gauntlet is something I have never seen before, I assume it was it meant to be an handout to the players in the arcade to get them interested in the game...back in my youth I didn't need the flyer to make me pump hundreds of quarters into the Gauntlet machine but the coupon would have been nice to have.

I've never seen the Peter Pack Rat arcade game out in the wild but I did see it in an episode of iCarly! My small amount of research says that Atari only 500 units were ever produced either as a 'standalone' cabinet or as an upgrade to existing cabinets. I really like the cartoon style of the game, I was also able to find some YouTube goodness for this title.

See you all a bit later in the day and I'll introduce you to the newest member of the Victory Pellet staff!

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