Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Flyers.

Click the pics above to Embiggen 1989 size!
I'm going on record here and stating that the top most flyer, Prehistoric Isle, might possibly be the greatest flyer ever created or at the very least shown on this site. I've never had the pleasure to play any of the three games presented today but I'd be willing to give up a lot of my milk money to do so now.

Thanks to the Classic Gaming site I was able to dig up a bit of info on Prehistoric Isle. It's full title is Prehistoric Isle in 1930, it is a side-scrolling shooter from and has you tasked by your country to investigate an island that has appeared in the Bermuda Triangle, an island full of Pterodactyl that are causing all sorts of destruction and mayhem...but once you arrive on the island you find it 'infested' with all sort of dinosaurs. Your pilot's idea of investigation is to go about flying your Bi-plane all over the island and eliminating every single dinosaur you happen to some cavemen along the way.

Apache3 is also a side-scrolling shooter released by Data East. That is about all I've been able to find in way of info...I'm going to assume this was a bit like Super Cobra in gameplay.

Beast Busters was released into the arcade by SNK and later ported to Commodore Amiga and Atari ST home computers. A city has been invaded by the undead and it is up to Johnny Justice, Paul Patriot, and Sammy Stately ( better names came to mind?) to make sure that everything undead goes back to being plain dead. A bit of trivia from Wikipedia:

"According to Paul Theroux, Michael Jackson owned a Beast Buster arcade machine and frequently took it with him on tour via cargo plane."

I Heard Ramona Sing - Frank Black (Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack)

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