Friday, August 27, 2010

Meet The New Guy!

Dear readers, let me introduce you to the newest member of the Victory Pellet Vault, Airell. My wife and I were informed by one of our guests that there was a very small kitten outside of the Victory Vault crying.
So after a few hours of showing it some loving affection my wife was able to take it inside the Vault with her, we ended up getting the essentials it needed and after a quick visit to the vet we now have a new member of our family.
I'm not sure how good Airell will be at games but he did prance around my X-Box 360 controller on the I'm thinking the odds are he'll also be a gamer. :)
Missile Command - Retroist Podcast Episode 66

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Vic Sage said...

Of course the laugh is on us. It turns out that a girl! So much for the wife's ability to understand gender. Ha, ha.

The Victory Pellet Vault's newest employee is now called Kira...which we took from the Dark Crystal by the way. :)