Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Flyers.

Click the pics to make 1991 sized!


Atari Adventure Square said...

I faced one of those arm-wrestling machines back in the day, but always feared they secretly wanted to tear my puny human arm off.

Saw Scott Pilgrim, speaking of puny human. Great gaming and 16-bit aesthetics but man did I feel old watching that and wondering how I'm supposed to feel about the main characters.

I think I'll enjoy it more on DVD (where it'll have a fun retro title menu, I'm sure) when I'm actually in the mood for fluffy nonsense (which I often am).

Doesn't help I was more in the mood for The Expendables and opted in the other way (very different movies). Ultimately saw the Stallone flick btw, and it was violently nifty.

du8 said...

I saw the Expendables with my wife...after it was over she said "well I've seen my quota of violence for the year!"...I of course loved it...

Vic Sage said...
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Vic Sage said...

I'm sorry that Scott Pilgrim didn't exactly fill the movie going need you were looking for, Atari. I hope I didn't steer you too wrongly, friend. :)

But at least I'm going to be able to see the Expendables tomorrow afternoon with my father at the matinee. I bet I'm going to be wearing a smile the entire time!

Atari Adventure Square said...

Don't get me wrong, SPVTW is a great movie I had looked forward to seeing (big fan of Edgar Wright) and you can tell everybody had a great time making it (like Expendables, btw). But I ruined my experience, in a way, by going against my mood. It was cheery, when I needed blasty.
I'm sure I'll get a bigger kick out of it on my meek home theater with a double-bill of King Of Kong or something.
Anyway, dropped back in to wish you and your dad a great time at the movies with Sly and his merry action men.
Stallone gave a series of reader mail Q&A on Ain't-It-Cool-News a few weeks back and it's obvious the guy just loves his fans, so it's hard not to love him back.