Saturday, August 14, 2010

Still Saturday Supercade!

There is a man, though I am hesitant to call him mighty is his knowledge of the Caped Crusader/Dark Knight that he must surely have transcended into the realm of Lesser Deity by now. This Man-Deity goes by the name of Chris Sims and he has taken it upon himself to gift us lesser morals with fictional images of comic book characters, seen through the loving prism of the 8-Bit era of the NES.

I really love all of these pics, but my favorites are Archie/Burgertime and Hellboy/Castlevania.

Make sure to check out Chris's personal blog, which always has some great and amusing sequential art related information.

Or take a look at the site he happens to write for, Comics Alliance, if you like what you see posted above, they too have all manner of comic book related stories.


Atari Adventure Square said...

These pixel pics are terrific. Kinda wonder why we never got Archie NES in the first place.

Also seeing Scott Pilgrim soon. The comic series got a mention in the kickass movie, Kickass.
Jazzed me up about it.

Vic Sage said...

Absolutely, Atari Adventure Square! I want to hear what you think of Scott Pilgrim after you see it, friend.

du8 said...

that Hellboy pic is awesome!..